Preventing Two Most Common Causes of Water Damage

plumbing-8It’s not surprising how most people aren’t concerned about water damage. Compared to house fires and other devastating forces of nature including earthquakes, water damage doesn’t seem as devastating, nor spectacular. This perception of water damage makes it even more dangerous. This is because people won’t feel the need to do the necessary steps to avoid it from happening. People shouldn’t wait for it to happen to them before taking action. Preemptively enforcing preventive measures should be observed. Here are two of the most common sources of water damage, and what has to be done to prevent them from happening.

  • Sewer Back-up.

It doesn’t take an expert to know that even the smallest of sewer backups can be utterly disgusting and devastating. The category of water damage inflicted by sewer backups is considered black water. This is where water is badly contaminated by bacteria, toxins and harmful chemicals. The affected area of a sewer backup has to be cleaned intensively to prevent molds from growing. The most common reason for sewer backup is the overgrowth of tree roots into the sewage system. Preventing this is simple, and ideally, should be done by the whole neighborhood to make it very effective. There are treatment solutions sold in hardware and even grocery stores that wilt away roots that creep into the sewage system.

  • Broken pipes.

Unlike the previous case of water damage, broken pipes are generally less disgusting. And the type of water that does the damage is usually clean water or gray water. Clear water is the water that comes out from the faucet, which is technically potable. Gray water is one that’s already contaminated by soap and other mild contaminants. And it’s worth nothing however that clear water can easily turn to gray water under most circumstances. On the other hand, when the pipe for clear water breaks and it floods an area full of contaminants for example, it becomes categorically gray water. Preventing pipes from bursting out may be tricky in some cases. However, those that can be easily spotted should be addressed immediately. Unusual wet spots on the wall are an indication that there is a leak within the plumbing system. If spots like these are seen on walls and floors, it’s best to¬†call now for help immediately. There are quite a number of professional emergency plumbers Orange County area could offer to help with these problems.